About Us

We at Emiliana not only believe that organic and biodynamic agriculture is the best way to create wines, we are also sure that this way of life will help lead us into a future with respect and wisdom.

We are organic by conviction, by ideology, and for love…

Because for us, being organic means caring for nature and protecting the environment and appreciating the people who make it possible for our wines to reach the glasses of those who prefer them.

We are organic because we understand that by caring for the earth and its bounty, nature can express its unique character more authentically.

And when nature expresses itself, it moves the entire world, it inspires passions, it provokes changes, it opens new paths for us to take the first steps.

It inspires us, and it creates unrepeatable works,

And to do that, we continue advancing, innovating, and working with passion every day, with the conviction that The Future is Organic.

Agricultura sustentable